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Kid Cudi Talks Passion Pain & Demon Slayin

Kid Cudi has had a whirlwind of a year, but what better way to end it than with a FIRE ALBUM! Excuse my caps ya’ll but this album, his 6th studio album at that, honestly blew me away. My first thought was, “19 songs?? Damn I’ll probably like half.” I listened to the album 4 times (in my opinion one must listen to an album multiple times to fully grasp all of its depth) and to my surprise, I liked each and every single song which is something very rare for me.

Through this album you hear Cudi beautifully narrate the struggles that he has been dealing with in his personal life while still living up to his nickname, “Mr. Rager”. He weaves the sounds of rock, hip-hop & electronic music so flawlessly while also switching up his own rap-song style to complement each unique beat. Cudi is joined by Pharrell, Willow Smith, Travis Scott & Andre 3000 who needless to say each add their own doses of greatness to the final project. Coming from such a tumultuous time in his life, this is a truly amazing accomplishment. Peace & Love to Cudi.

MUST HEAR: Swim in the Light, By Design, Rose Golden, Flight at First Sight/Advanced, Cosmic Warrior, The Commander & Surfin’


“By Design” – Kid Cudi feat. Andre Benjamin 3000

“When I eternally have faith

In the choices you made, it’s all by design”

“Rose Golden” – Kid Cudi feat. Willow Smith

“Oh, since I was young, been grooving to my own drum

Ain’t that many teachers show me my potential

Felt like a failure, momma said you know better

Future in my hands

God, she had a plan

Stronger than I know, soon I’d understand

The power I possess, the story of the Chosen”


Header image via The Fader

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