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J. Cole Drops 4 Your Eyez Only

J. Cole’s new album shows both his growth as an artist and a person. Cole definitely had a lot of pressure on him to deliver a powerful project after his 2014 double-platinum Forest Hills Drive. Deemed as one of the greatest lyricists of our time, Cole holds nothing back, lyrically or emotionally, on his new album, 4 Your Eyez Only. While it may be only 10-tracks, each paints a beautiful narrative of the realities of poverty, street violence, the need for unity and the feeling of true love. Some criticized that they wanted more hard-hitting rap from Cole on this album, straight bars and beats similar to what we heard on “False Prophets” which does not appear on 4 Your Eyez Only. However, J. Cole gave us something way more valuable. He gave us an album to make us reflect on how we can better ourselves and our communities and that is priceless.

One of J. Cole’s biggest inspirations for this latest project was the birth of his first child, a baby girl named Nina. Cole professes his love to his wife, Melissa, in the beautifully done “She’s Mine Pt. 1” and follows it up with tear-jerking sequel “She’s Mine Pt.2” dedicated to little Nina.

Further Congrats are in order as J. Cole debuts at Number 1 on the charts after selling nearly 500,000 copies in the first week! I smell a double-platinum album with no features repeat.

MUST HEAR: For Whom the Bell Tolls, Vile Mentality, Neighbors, She’s Mine Pt. 2, 4 Your Eyez Only


“Neighbors” – J. Cole

“Some things you can’t escape; death, taxes and a racist

Society that make every n***a feel like a candidate

For a Trayvon-kinda fate, even when your crib sit on a lake

Even when your plaques hang on a wall

Even when the President jam your tape”

“4 Your Eyez Only” – J. Cole

“I dedicate these words to you and all the other children

Affected by the mass incarceration in this nation

That sent your pops to prison when he needed education

Sometimes I think that segregation would’ve done us better

Although I know that means that I would never

Be brought into this world ’cause my daddy was so thrilled

When he found him a white girl to take back to Jonesboro”


Header image via J. Cole’s Instagram

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