Concert Music


Pigeons & Planes and Staple Pigeon hosted the No Ceilings concert at Rough Trade NYC featuring 6LACK, Twelve’len, Ravyn Lenae and Leaf which was an amazing showcase of black talent on the rise!

Florida’s Twelve’len opened the show with his unique style of “rock & soul” music, giving us both music to vibe out to and music that we could really get down to. Along with his extremely hype DJ, DJ Chief Pound, and his special guest and fellow Florida native, J.K. The Reaper, his set left everyone in Rough Trade NYC wanting more.

Following Twelve’len was Chicago’s sultry songstress, Ravyn Lenae. We were slightly familiar with Ravyn from her song “Communicate” on Mick Jenkins’ last project, but her stage presence and vocals really blew us away. Not only were her vocals ON POINT, her style and aura really resonated with us and by the comments around us, the entire crowd. Her bluesy soulful sound with doses of house music flare is both unique and unmatched in the current music scene.

Next up was Brooklyn-native, 21-year-old feminist rapper, Leaf. Her sex appeal and energy was definitely felt by the crowd upon her stepping on to the stage. Boy did she have a lot of admirers in the crowd and we ain’t mad at you girl! Mid-set she was joined by her girl crew titled MBM which stands for both “Money Over Men” and “Magnetic Bitch Movement”, a perfect addition to her female anthem “Nada”! Leaf could revolutionize the trap game as we know it. Imagine the female Future… we think she has the potential to be just that!

Finally, the eerie intro to “Never Know” began to play and the man we had all been waiting for steps on stage, fittingly in all black minus his denim jacket, and the crowd roared! 6LACK’s closing set was everything we knew it would be: taking us on an emotional journey through his past relationships, complications at his old label and growing from various setbacks. He even opened up to us about a friend of his, Taylor, who is currently on life support. The way he continuously shares his emotions and struggles in his music and being so unafraid of vulnerability are two things that we personally admire about him. The crowd sang backup for every single song until he closed with “Getting Old” … or so we thought, because though he had left stage, no one was moving. “Encore! Encore! Problems! Problems!” No one was leaving until he gave us one more song and he obliged.

All in All, No Ceilings was an amazing concert. It reinforced our love for 6LACK, put us on to artists we weren’t familiar with but admired after watching them perform like Twelve’len and Leaf and gave us a better sense of who Ravyn Lenae is as an artist.

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