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Q & A With Laci Jordan

What inspired your love of graphic design? How did it develop?

It’s a weird story. I started college majoring in Criminal Justice with a double minor in Political and Computer Science. In the Criminal Justice program they required an internship so I set my sights high for the FBI (there was no way I was going to the police station). Since I’ve always had a love for technology I figure it was cool to become a cyber agent. During my internship I was randomly introduced to the Adobe Creative Suite, I loved it and decided to investigate design more. It started with a Clothing Textile Design class that was easy AF but let me know that I love experimenting and playing with different mediums. Two of my best friends that were also my roommates had design as a minor so I had a little info on what you could do in the field. From there I graduated with my first degree in Criminal justice and reenrolled for a second in Design.

Have you worked in any other mediums prior to graphic design?

Before I went to school for design you couldn’t pay me to think I was creative. I honestly had no idea. My mom loves to tell me this one story over and over again about how I complained one day about everyone in the family being creative except for me. Only to fast forward to being a designer. In school we were required to take studio classes that covered painting, drawing, building in woodshop, and photography. Since school I’ve mostly been a digital girl but using other mediums is a very high priority for this year.

You always use a vibrant color palette and have a style that is unique to you in your designing. How did you develop this personal style?

Man, I just LOVE color. For me color can control the mood of a design, it can make you happy or sad. Inspired or Angry. I love being able to control that and create things that always give you a pop of vibrancy and playfulness. Honestly I just realized that’s a strong point of mine a few months ago. I went through all my Pinterest boards and realized I have a pattern of using certain colors and can easily curate beautiful color palettes. Its all in the eye lol. I’ve also grown attached to pink which is weird because I’m a huge tomboy. In regards of developing a style its hard to answer that because I don’t know if I have one. I know I’m drawn to certain colors, shapes, etc. but I think I’m still in the development phases of creating a certain aesthetic. Playing devils advocate I’ve read so many articles from artists that say it’s not good to have one style. I try to keep that in mind by experimenting and playing with different techniques, especially in my illustrations which is something that you’ll see very soon. I think my style will stay the same color wise but I definitely want to expand my techniques.


Where do you see yourself and your work in 2017?

The key word for my work this year is expansion. I want to start collaborating with brands that I love as well as music artists; especially creative direction and illustration wise. I want to push out more products ranging from more pins to prints. I’m ready for my next step career wise and I’m not sure if that’s going 100% freelance (which is the long-term goal) or something else unconventional like working on team for a music artist full time (Rih-Rih where you at girl?!) or joining a team that’s solely based around my interests where I could create content (like Nike Los Angeles). Overall I’m looking forward to growing as a person, that ranges from career to self-love, which is another keyword for me this year.

Which project that you previously created are you most proud of and why?

My Don’t Touch My Hair pin and the packaging no doubt. Crazy thing is it’s not the most impressive for me design wise but I’m just proud of myself for doing it. I’m a chronic overthinker and that stops me from doing a lot which is why it took almost two years to even act on designing pins. One thing that’s hard for most designers is designing for yourself and it makes things worse when you are your worse critic. I look at things I make and it’s never good enough. Once the pins were in production I had no choice but to get my shit together and create packaging and marketing materials/graphics. This is one of the only situations where I just let go and put it out there. I didn’t overthink or put extra stress on it. I was able to let go knowing that I can always expand and improve the product over time. The most important thing is putting it out into the world, which I’m super proud of.

Image via Orixa Jones

What inspired you to start blogging?

The thought of having a voice and creating/curating content. Its hard to believe but I’m an introvert at heart so blogging has always been a perfect outlet. I started blogging in high school and since then I’ve had SO many blogs. Its really hilarious to go back and looks at old names, layouts, and content. I’ve stuck with So Laci Like for a couple of years now and my intentions and inspiration has changed a little. Now I blog to inspire, have a voice, and put out content to the world that I don’t see (or shit that I just think is cool). Wait… I just realized you didn’t ask me why I admire her LOL! Designing for Saint Heron was great! It’s a platform I admire and we share a similar aesthetic. The opportunity came through Instagram! Which is always inspiration for me to create more and put it out there. You never know who’s watching. One of my followers is connected them, loved my work, and put me on. I couldn’t believe it. So far I’ve created social media graphics for their events. I hope to expand that going forward ranging from illustrations to original content.


What are you trying to communicate through your work?

So many things! Each piece and project is different. Most of my personal project have themes of black girl magic, blackness in general, pop culture, and everyday life. Authenticity is key for me so I like to create things that are a piece of my real-life. Illustrations like this one of a woman in a bonnet or this one which I caption “looking at my work emails like” are real-life situations that I know people relate to.

Your work really embodies and pays tribute to the black girl magic movement. What does black girl magic mean to you?

Thank you! I’m so happy that translates. Black Girl Magic means to embrace yourself fully, love yourself harder than anyone else can, be unapologetic, don’t give any fucks about the negatives, know that we deserve a seat at the table – hell we probably built the table. I could go on and on but the world has always slept on black women but due to social media its become more accessible to put ourselves out there and get our stories told – now the world can’t ignore us no matter how hard they try. Almost every day I hear stories of black women accomplishing great things and it just proves that 1. Women rule the world and 2. Black women are magical unicorns. Its just great.


What role do you believe artists of color should have in society?

Many! We’re the leaders of culture, storytellers, and activists. Artists create visuals and visuals create stories. Stories are what translates to the world. This can range from entertainment to politics. We have more power than we think.

Do you have any New Years resolutions?

Yes, and we would be here all day if I went through all of them lol! I wrote a blog post on my vision board and it took me forever to get through everything. In general I’m aiming to take steps at expanding each portion of my life. Those categories range from love, finances, career, recreation, and health. Goals cover: taking my career to the next level (what I mentioned earlier), giving back more, being 100% authentic in creating my brand, staying true to a fitness plan, practicing self-care everyday, and save save save! You can check the post to see a little bit more.


We’re from the east coast, so we really need to know… does In-N-Out live up to the hype? Is it that good?

can’t lie I love it lol! I get my meal animal style every time and I think that’s the key. I had it my first week here and WAS NOT HERE for the fries. They were so bland to me. That’s when I learned that they’re fresh hand cut with barely any salt, at that same time I learned about adding on animal style and my life changed. *Now I know I should be happy they’re hand cut and fresh but I’m not at a fast food joint with healthy intentions. I’ve been meaning to try Shake Shack because I heard that’s the east coast version of In-N-Out. At the end of the day I’m from Alabama so my true loves are Steak Out, Waffle House, and Zaxbys.

Make sure you shop Laci’s pins here and check out her blog here. For all your design needs be sure to check out her portfolio and packages on her website and of course follow Laci on Instagram and Twitter

Header image via Orixa Jones 

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