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Syd and The Internet Make Pride Sound So Good

This Pride Month, I wanted to shoutout Syd who remains unapologetically open about her sexuality which she showcases through her music and music videos like “Come Over” which dropped yesterday (see below). I love her because, for one, her lyrics are so real and relatable. As we know, no relationship is without drama and turmoil which Syd is not afraid to touch upon through her music. Her voice also soothes my soul and the instruments in her songs harmoniously create chill beats that urge you to move.

Syd is currently the lead singer of the band The Internet, formed in 2011, and consisting of five musicians. She was also briefly a member of the musical collective Odd Future. I first heard Syd’s chords on a track called “Just Sayin/I Tried”. It was playing on the title screen of an episode of Issa Rae’s show Insecure. The music was what first caught my ear, and Syd’s unique voice prompted me to find the album. Her smooth alto was perfect for the r&b sound of the group. Come to find out, the song was from The Internet’s grammy-winning album Ego Death. Their latest album Hive Mind, currently in pre-release, sounds like a completely different mood from Ego Death, giving me definite summer vibes which is super exciting! Just as a preamble to Syd’s solo album Fin: it causes involuntary body rolls, but don’t be afraid to break out in full dance if that’s what you need to do.

Syd’s entrancing voice on Fin has a soulfulness that pairs well with the mellow hip-hop beats featured on each track. I appreciate how she plays with layering her voice and how she rises into beautiful falsetto. This album is surprising, and intriguing, and more people should hear it. My personal favorites from Fin are: “Dollar Bills,” featuring the album’s producer Steve Lacy and “Over” with 6LACK. Also, I can listen to “Insecurities” on repeat. Give it a listen!

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