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The Road To Becoming the First Black Governor of Georgia

Stacy Abrams is a lot of things. She’s a graduate of Yale Law School, the first African-American women to serve in the House of Representatives, and also happens to be pretty busy romance novel writer. This woman obviously rises above simple expectations. In a refreshing contrast to the government’s perpetual saturation of white males, Abrams is aiming for governor of Georgia in the coming gubernatorial election in November 2018.

Abrams would use the words service, education and faith to describe the values she grew up seeing. Raised in Gulfport, Mississippi and one of six children, Abrams family didn’t have much but made a consistent effort to serve their community however they could. She’s used to volunteering and makes it a huge part of her campaign. Her parents emphasized education and after graduating high school Abrams attended three higher education institutions including Yale Law School. Abrams was raised in the church. Her parents were college educated ministers in the Methodist community. Whether you consider this a point to her character or not, her Southern demographic would say that it shows her commitment to her faith; a great thing.

Abrams doesn’t deny the inherent racism and sexism in her line of work. She has to work twice as hard In the world of politics. But she is up for the challenge and her supporters are behind her. You can learn more about Abrams’ Democratic campaign on her website which touches on the work she has already done as a political figure, her opinions on current legislation, and her plans for office.

Header image via The Washington Times




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