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Tierra Whack Welcomes You to the Land of ‘Whack World’


Tierra Whack is an African-American rapper and singer from Philly. Back when she was under the stage name, Dizzle Dizz, her lyrical talent which she expressed through amazing freestyles, gained much praise from her Philly fanbase. Through her music, she was able to rap for artists like A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill, and she is no stranger to DJ Cosmic Kev’s infamous Power 99 radio show. Whack often used this radio show as a platform to promote her new material, especially her freestyles.

On May 31, 2018, she released her visual album ‘Whack World’ that houses 15 audio-visual clips, each one minute long, which is a huge feat for originality and creativity in the current music industry. What’s great about the album is that each song, whether it’s “Cable Guy,” “Hookers,” or “Hungry Hippo,” has a completely different flow and accompanying visual that keeps your eyes locked on the screen. Other songs on the album like “Fruit Salad” and “Dr. Seuss” are working to send messages to her fans regarding issues that a lot of us are far too familiar with—such as beauty standards in society, and transitioning from being a teenager to adulthood. Throughout the album, Whack victoriously managed to experiment with different flows and sounds making her craft original, and agreeable, enabling her to successfully put together such a fire album that everyone should take the time out to watch!

Header image via Rap Radar

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