Sherrexcia Rolle is Taking #BlackGirlMagic to New Heights


Sherrexcia “Rexy” Rolle, born in the Bahamas, is the 29-year-old VP of Operations and General Counsel of Western Air, Ltd., a black-and privately-owned airline. Rolle’s family started up the airline in 2001, but Rolle was able to take the business and make it the largest privately-owned airlines in the Bahamas. Now, in 2018, she is working on expanding the airline to make international flight routes. Additionally, not only does Rolle oversee the operations of the airline, she’s in the process of training to be a pilot! Although the progress with the airline is great, one can only imagine how tough it must’ve been to reach this point in Rolle’s life.

Rolle, given her many successes with the airline, is no stranger to hard work. From The University of Ottawa, Rolle earned her Bachelor’s in Political Science and Communications and followed this by obtaining her Master’s at Lynn University. She went on to pursue her Juris Doctorate at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. While pursuing her Doctorate degree, Rolle was also remotely working for the airline performing the back-end operational duties of the business. Given all the mechanisms in America that are used to stop women of color, such as Rolle, from reaching their goals and becoming this successful, it’s great to see us walk away with, yet another W! 

Header image via Rexy Rolle

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