Celebrating the Beleaf in Fatherhood this Father’s Day

Glen and Yvette Henry, from California, are married with three kids: Theo, their oldest son, Uriah, their middle son, and Anaya, their youngest daughter. Fun fact: in Glen’s vlogs, on his Youtube channel, Beleaf in Fatherhood, he often refers to his children as “the chocolate babies.” Beleaf in Fatherhood was created to equip parents with the tools of patience, hope, and love in order to strengthen family values within a home. It’s very easy to be captivated by their vlogs as they display, what seems like, the everyday life of a family spending time together, and loving and supporting each other.

What’s great about these vlogs is that not only does it serve as a platform for entertainment — as some videos may make you laugh while others make you really sit down and think — but it also serves as a support system to its viewers, especially to the viewers who are parents themselves. There are a lot of parents out there, and these videos have the ability to help every parent maneuver through the difficulties of probably one of the hardest jobs known to man: bringing a new child into the world and raising that child to the best of his/her ability. Not only do these videos help out the parents, but it also helps to debunk one of the most prevalent and infamous racist stereotypes that linger in American culture: the false idea that Black fathers are not present in their child(ren)’s lives. The image of a Black father that is present and very active in their child’s life, as a stay-at-home dad at that, has the ability to empower other black men to resist the negative image of the black man that impregnates women, and then disappears from the mother’s life as well as the child’s. Given that Glen, with this Youtube channel, is able to do so much in terms of how many people he’s able to touch and support, he definitely deserves the Father of the Year Award this Sunday for Father’s Day. Don’t forget to subscribe to his Youtube channel: Beleaf in Fatherhood or purchase his new book It’s Bedtime Now!

Header image via Mrs. Melanin shot by Dominique Berho 

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