Devale Ellis: Doin’ It for the Gram and the Fam

Devale Ellis, 34, floods our feed with positive images of his beautiful black family while simultaneously being hilarious! The former NFL wide receiver for the Detroit Lions is best known for sharing viral videos of his everyday life with his beautiful wife, Khadeen Ellis, and their three adorable sons, Jackson, Kairo and Kaz. After retiring from the NFL, Devale, who studied acting while in college, started showcasing his artistic talent via Instagram and Youtube. Now he and his family have become “vlogger goals” to thousands!

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 1.35.07 PM

When speaking with Essence about the message that he is trying to portray as a black father in today’s society he put it like so,

“The biggest message has to be about black fatherhood, because I feel like in 2017, people want to try to dismiss race as if it’s not an issue anymore… Every day I walk out into the world, I’m still a Black man. All the stereotypes you hear, it seems that we’re always dehumanized… This is just a different narrative of who we are as Black men. We’re fathers, we’re husbands, we’re business owners. We love our kids. We kiss our sons. We hug our sons.”

You can catch the Ellis family on their very popular Youtube channel as well as on Instagram!

All images via @iamdevale

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