Pop & Caia Milly Rock into Father’s Day

Pop Vazquez is a father of two daughters though you may know him best for his videos on Instagram with his youngest daughter Caia. Since he is from the Bronx, he makes a point to teach his daughter New York culture which include dances and slang. Caia has now evolved into a professional Milly Rocker and Shmoney Dancer as a result of the many dance lessons Pop has given her. Whether in the car where most of their videos take place, outside or in a store, they can be found having the most adorable dance parties I have ever seen! Caia has also learned the proper uses of the words “wild’n,” “yerrrrr,” “buggin out,” and “wavy” amongst other New York slang thanks to Pop’s intensive program. They have turned into internet sensations because of the abundance of love they have for each other and fun they have together. Most recently, they even starred in Shea Moisture Men’s #MyDadSmiles campaign which you can view below along with some of my favorite videos of theirs!

Header image via @pop_vasquez

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