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How Zero Tolerance “Trumps” Families

The effects of the new “zero tolerance” policy on immigration is really hard to watch when you see small children torn away from their families. The policy calls for the prosecution of those who have illegally crossed the U.S. border. To make things worse, those who already applied for asylum by the time they’re caught, are still subject to have their children taken away from them. When the children are separated from their families, they’re placed in detention centers. At these centers, the children are placed in large cage-like facilities and they sleep on cots in rooms where there are at least three to four other people are sharing the room. They get their personal bracelet scanned before receiving their meals, and they’re, oftentimes, taunted and ridiculed by security guards. This sounds exactly like jail or an internment camp if you ask me.

From taking a few courses in my Africana Studies major, I was able to read some of the different ideologies and theories from various KKK-written books, articles, and other sources. Trust me, a lot of the stuff I have read is really crazy, but what stuck out was a projection made that implied the white race would no longer be the majority around the year 2050. Based on this prediction, it seems to me that the white race in America is scared to lose the white supremacist grip they have on America. Therefore, given this fear of white supremacy being eradicated from America, I feel that this new policy is a way to jump in front of this theory and change the inevitable future. This is a way to eliminate the percentage of Hispanics in America given their population is growing more rapidly than ever before. The ones who uphold white supremacy are scared and don’t know how to face their fears. At times like this, it’s imperative that we, as minorities, come together and help the best way we can.

You can help by volunteering your services and skills at the border if you’re in the area, donating to different charities such as the International Rescue Committee (IRC), ACLU Nationwide, Raices Texas and TX Civil Rights which all support both the families affected and the lawyers fighting for these families. You can also participate in different protests in your respective communities and don’t forget to call your Senators. If you know other ways to volunteer that aren’t listed, please comment below! Pass these ways onto your friends that may be in the dark, also. Again, anything will be helpful.

Header Image via The Advocate

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