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Meek Mill Ensures People Are Staying Woke

I’ll be honest, I’ve always been one of those people to sleep on Meek Mill whenever he dropped an album. After his fire performance at the BET Awards last night, though, I’m starting to reconsider. In case you missed it, Meek debuted his new single “Stay Woke” that will encourage you to do just that! In the song, he raps about the things that negatively affect the Black community like police brutality, high crime rates in low-income neighborhoods, brothers killing each other and mass incarceration, particularly in Philly. Between each verse you can hear Miguel croon the chorus, which was a nice touch to the song. Also, for all of the XXXTENTACION fans out there, like me (R.I.P. X), Meek came out with a hoodie with X’s face on it, which was sentimental.

I won’t lie, as I was watching Meek’s performance, I found it hard to concentrate on him and the song because of the powerful imagery behind him. The actors behind Meek were acting out what looked like a normal day in a Black neighborhood: kids and teens playing with each other, an exhausted mother dragging her child to school, and a few guys on the block talking. It’s a peaceful set up for a while, until cops come out of nowhere harassing the men on the block and attempt to arrest one of them. It gets pretty hectic as all the men scramble to get to their friend that’s being handled aggressively and arrested.  If you watch closely, you’ll also see a mother holding her young daughter back from running toward and attempting to rescue the man being arrested. She eventually manages to break free and tries to rush over to the man, but one of the cops shoot the little girl before she makes it to him. The performance ends with the hysterical mother rocking back and forth, holding her dead child. The sad ending was unexpected but the message was deep, so I would say it’s worth being thrown off.

Remember to stay woke and listen to Meek’s new song!

Header image via Hollywood Life

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