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Taylor Bennet Inspires Us to Be Our Authentic Selves

Independent rap artist, business man, and just an all around chill dude, Taylor Bennett has been rapping since he was 15-years-old in Chatham, Chicago. He threw verses back and forth with his older brother Chance all the time. When it came to the logistic side of selling records and promoting music, Bennett knew that some major legwork needed to be done. Even if that meant handing out mixtapes with his brother on the street.

At the beginning of his rap career, Bennett came across a company called TuneCore which helped him sell his music and taught him loads of music industry know-how in the process. He worked hard to get his music off the ground independently, (as in without a major record label) and by the age of 21 would established his own label. Fast forward to today, Tay Bennett Entertainment is an entity that Bennett has built from the ground up. He hopes to use that platform to help other independent artists learn how to market themselves.

Last year, Bennett came out as bisexual in a statement on Twitter and showed his support for the gay community. I for one can respect when someone reveals an important part of themselves, not for attention, but for the purpose of letting others know that they don’t have to be ashamed of who they are. There can never be enough advocating for accepting yourself and being proud of that.

The single “Broad Shoulders” was the first time Bennett and his brother Chance the Rapper appeared on a track together. It’s filled with inspiring lyrics about growing up over a beautiful piano riff. From his 2017 mixtape, Restoration of an American Idol, I love “Neon Lights” with Supa Bwe and Lil Yachty.

This Pride month, Bennett reflects on himself in his latest single “Be Yourself,” featuring Bianca Shaw. A much needed reminder that even if others put you down and life is tough, working on yourself is hardly a worthless endeavor.

Original header image via Billboard

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