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“Life is Good” with Amazon

In 2014, hip-hop icon Nasir “Nas” Bin Olu Dara Jones invested into the Pillpack startup company through his capital firm, Queensbridge Venture Partners. Pillpack is a startup Pharmacy that’ll sort out your medication based on the dosage and will deliver it to you. Sometimes medicine can be a tricky subject, and this idea is super convenient so you know Jeff Bezos jumped at the chance to snag this before someone else did.
Amazon came in the picture last month to announce that they would be buying the company for $1 billion (a.k.a. Nas has secured the bag). However, this isn’t Nas’ first time receiving a major payout from a business investment. In February of this year, Nas received over $40 million after Amazon bought a different startup doorbell security company, called Ring, for $1.2 billion. Nas is making major moves outside of the music industry and is setting an example for the African American youth around the country,  so kudos to him!

Image via A Medium Corporation

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