Art Photography

Kamoinge’s Photos are Worth 1,000 Words of Truth

The Kamoinge Workshop, created in 1963 in New York, is a program that corrects the issue of the underrepresentation of Black photographers in the world of art. The name Kamoinge comes from a regional language in Kenya called Kikuyu. It means “a group of people working together,” and that’s exactly what these artists are doing through their photography. Through their pictures, each photographer is creating an image that accurately shows the lives of the people of the African Diaspora, because, let’s be honest, how tired have you grown of stereotypical images that rarely come close to how we live as a community? Luckily, for us tired folk out there, God blessed us with these dope photographers. A lot of the photographers’ work can be found in different museums such as The Whitney Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Studio Museum of Harlem, and The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Check out some of their amazing work below and make sure to follow them on Instagram!

Images via Kamoinge Images

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