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It’s No Debate — Atlanta Bodied the Harvard Competition

Over the weekend, 25 Black students, including Jordan Thomas from Henry W. Grady High School in Atlanta, took the W back to Atlanta at the Harvard Debate Council Diversity Project. Every summer, The Harvard Debate Council invites up to about 400 high school students from around the world to create 12 debate teams and have the competition right on the Harvard University campus. Thomas, who won the competition, says that his motivation came from wanting to put on for his city, himself, and wanting to show that he had no problems keeping up with other students. In his own words, Thomas recognized that “being a young, middle class, black, public school student from the South created a stigma that automatically set me back in comparison to the competition.” When Thomas won, it was “the most satisfying feeling” to him, knowing that he accomplished so much. It’s honestly nice to see great things coming from Black students such as these, especially when they’re at such an early stage of their life, like high school. If you know anyone in high school, or if you’re in high school yourself in Atlanta, and want to get in on this experience, the Harvard Debate Council will begin accepting applications on August 15th for the Summer 2019 residency!

Image via 11Alive

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