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Five Black Owned Beauty Brands You Need to Try!

Beauty is an ever-changing industry but when it comes to people of color it has always been challenging to find beauty products that work for us. Representation matters whether it be offering an inclusive shade range or diversifying models used in beauty campaigns. From the looks of the industry recently some beauty companies understand this and have come out with collections that include products that cater to deeper skin tones. As a whole, the industry still has a lot of work to do so women of color have started their own beauty brands.

If you are tired of the lack of representation and desire something created specifically for us, here are six black owned beauty brands for you to try!

1. Magnolia Makeup

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Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, this company is devoted to people of color and are known for their highly pigmented products. Magnolia Makeup wants to supply customers with good quality and fun makeup for any occasion.

2. Plain Jane Beauty Cosmetics

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An inclusive brand when it comes to their many shades of foundation, Plain Jane Beauty developed 17 ranging shades upon initially launching the brand. They are also fierce advocates of green beauty. They believe you should feel good about what you put on your skin and that products should be made with ingredients that are not harmful.

3. Black Up cosmetics

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Black Up is the first French high end beauty brand dedicated to and created by women of color. This line is known for its range of professional-quality makeup that meets the needs of medium to dark skin tones. All of their formulas are produced in Europe which is known for their association with luxury.

4. Blac Minerals Cosmetics

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Blac Minerals Cosmetics produces all natural makeup. They create products with nature in mind that are powered by healthy, skin-loving ingredients. This allows you to feel good about the products and stay true to your health conscious lifestyle!

5. The Lip Bar

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The Lip Bar is a company for women who want to belong to a beauty community that values inclusive representation. They explore beauty through diversity and fun which can be seen in their social media community. Their products are vegan, cruelty free and come in beautiful packaging as well!

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