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The Young Genius Behind Drake’s Music Videos

I’m sure you all have seen Drake’s “God’s Plan” music video where he gave back to the Miami community, or how about his “Nice for What” music video featuring a cast of Hollywood’s most influential women. Meet the genius behind both videos, Karena Evans. Karena is a 22- year old Canadian director and writer who currently works at the production company Popprok where she is now known as “the first lady.” Before earning this title, though, she started out as an intern for the highly respected director and now her colleague, Director X.

Earlier this year Director X praised Karena in an Instagram post writing, 

“@karenaevans started as an intern. She stayed longer worked harder than everyone else. From intern to director at my company. Last year grinding on low budget jobs giving big budget results. This year she’s directed @champagnepapi God’s Plan & the new single Nice For What. When work ethic is matched by talent. Big up the team @popp_rok for pulling this wide-ranging job off. Here’s some bts footage for all (feel like a Dad videotaping his daughter at a recital whenever I come to set).”

Most recently, Karena directed the music video for “In My Feelings” for fellow Toronto native, Drake . In addition to working with him, Evans has worked with clients such as SiR, Anders, and Belly. She also directed SZA’s music video, “Garden,” featuring an appearance from Donald Glover which was perfectly timed since SZA made an appearance in “This is America” a couple weeks prior to its debut. Additionally, Evans has created projects such as CBC Arts’ “Heartbreak to Art” 10-part-series, Nike’s Air Max campaign and her “Black Lives Matter” social commentary piece. As a result of her unique filmic style displayed throughout her directing career she was given this year’s Prism Prize’s Lipsett Award. She is the first first woman to receive this award which is the highest honor given by Prism Prize.

It doesn’t seem like Karena Evans is slowing down any time soon and is swiftly making her way to the top. We can’t wait to see what else is up her sleeve!

Check out her most recent music video below!

Header image via Trace

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