The Slumflower Teaches Us #SaggyBoobsMatter

If you are all about body positivity and female empowerment then you need to check out Chidera Eggerue! Also known as the The Slumflower, Chidera is a young social media star from London who started a blog called The Slumflower where she writes about fashion, female empowerment and being a woman of color. She often dissects the struggles that women go through, especially black women, and the need to take a stand and overcome.

Eggerue is most recognized for her viral social media campaign. If you have ever read #saggyboobsmatter on Twitter or Instagram, Chidera Eggerue is the mastermind that started it. As a woman, you’re often held to a higher standard than men to look a certain way and that’s how Eggerue felt regarding the expectation to have the “perfect breasts”. She was tired of the constant pressure to have perfect boobs and decided to push back by creating #saggyboobsmatter to encourage women to embrace the boobs that they have whether they are saggy, big or small. Eventually the hashtag was spread across the world and prompted women to begin posting selfies embracing their bodies.

Since her start she has gained tons of followers, recognition from reputable publications and has created a global movement! Recently she published a self-help book ‘What A Time to Be Alone’. The book teaches women how to accept themselves as they are and know their worth. Eggerue explains how to do so in three chapters: Learn how to celebrate YOU, Don’t worry about THEM, and Feel the togetherness in US. 

Header image via The Slumflower shot by Manny Jefferson

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