Meet the 26-Year Old Woman Who Owns Her Own Accredited International College

Caroline Esinam Adzogble knows how impactful education can be in changing a person’s life for the better. That’s why she has made it her mission to make education more accessible and affordable in her country, Ghana, all of Africa, and the world. As a business coach for 7 years, Adzogble has plenty of experience educating international clientele on what it takes to pursue their endeavors.

With a clear passion for education and teaching international students, she became the owner of accredited, Potters International College that prepares students for careers in technology. She was a business student at the time when she launched AITC, an IT training institution that would later become Potters. Her access to an online education made her other educational projects possible. Adzogble also founded the International African Education Summit (IAES), an avenue that encourages recruitment and partnerships with students and organizations all over Africa. The institution can boast recruitments and partnerships from 43 countries. In a collaboration with Kwame Opoku, Adzogble also founded Caroline University.

The exponential progression of technology is creating new jobs in the industry. Adzogble wants her students, especially women, to be able to break into the tech world as opposed to being intimidated by it. In addition to her already amazingly packed resume, Adzogble is the president of Mercy Heart Foundation, which offers merit-based scholarships for students to study internationally tuition-free; the founder of Everyday Travels and Tours, an independent travel agency; and Caroline Technology Solutions (CTS). My personal favorite accomplishment of hers is ‘Admission in 30 Minutes’, which is a program that allows students to apply to schools in as little as 1 click, reducing that amount of time and stress.

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