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Kenya Barris Signs $100 Million Deal with Netflix

Director and Producer Kenya Barris just landed a $100 million deal with Netflix and will be developing new projects! He signed a three-year deal with the streaming service where he will be solely producing Netflix Originals. A timely contract being that he was just released from his with ABC. Barris is known for being the creator of the shows Black-ish and its spinoff Grown-ish which are shown on ABC and Freeform. He created an Instagram post of an article covering the news of his exit from ABC and how he was in the works of joining Netflix back in July. In the caption he thanked everyone, expressed he was grateful for his journey and stated, “I stand nervous but ready for whatever God has in store.” Just last week he uploaded on Instagram again to show his gratitude. This time it was a video that his daughter created thanking everyone for their well wishes.

How exciting is it that he will have the creative freedom to produce more shows that we can grow to love as we’ve done with everything he’s created thus far! Barris will continue to be the executive producer for both Black-ish and Grown-ish for anyone worried about his possible departure. With this $100 million deal he joins Shonda Rhimes who received a $150 million contract and Ryan Murphy who received a $300 million contract with Netflix.

There isn’t any word yet on when Barris will start on his Netflix projects or what content he will be creating but we are excited to hear about what’s to come!

Header image via FirstLadyB

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