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Rebirth of the Femcee: Maliibu Miitch

Look out for Maliibu Miitch because her clout is climbing! The 27-year-old, Bronx-raised rapper with a huge personality prides herself on her blunt lyrics based on real experiences. You can’t help but love how honest she is about her story. While going through the rocky divorce of her parents, Miitch turned to the streets. She got into fights often, which resulted in her thuggish lyrics. She is a dynamic rapper though, and has the ability to show her softer and more emotional side through her music as well. Either way, the verses hit! 

Starting out in the rap game she was more Maliibu than Miitch; girlie with a high tone of voice. The contrast of her voice with the gritty lyrics was unique but Miitch thought she could expand her fanbase if she changed it up. She reached a turning point in her music, deepening her voice to a husky base. In her song “Gwapamole” you can hear play with the two personas, switching between Maliibu and Miitch.

In an interview with XXL she talks about her favorite rapper, 50 cent and how she started rapping at 19. Miitch was signed to two major labels throughout her career so far: Ruff Ryders and Island Def Jam but most recently sealed the deal with Atlantic Records. Her flow is impeccable and I’m looking forward to her continued success in music and beyond. Miitch definitely has other aspirations outside of rap like being an actress and playing Queen Latifah’s baby sister in a Set It Off part two as she mentioned in a previous interview. Clearly there’s a lot to look forward to from her.

Check out her latest video for her single “Give Her Some Money.”

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