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Tory Lanez Gets Back on Track with ‘Love Me Now’

Toronto-born artist, Daystar Peterson, a.k.a. Tory Lanez, has steadily built his organic and loyal fan base through his infectious and oftentimes rowdy personality, wild shows and of course, his double-threat rapping and singing persona. Many Lanez fans, including myself, felt as though ‘Memories Don’t Die’ was lacking in terms of feeling like a truly complete album. However, Lanez is back with his now 3rd album release with, ‘LoVE me NOw‘ and I must say… I am pleased.

As a long time Tory fan, who has been rocking with him since his Soundcloud – Play Picasso days, the bar that I have set for him is high (possibly too high at times). Nonetheless, ‘Love Me Now’ truly sounds like a complete body of work. While it is a bit crowded for my liking, with 11 features, Lanez explained to L.A. Leakers that this is what he was going for.

“I specifically chose this project just to work with whoever I felt like working with,” Lanez told L.A. Leakers last month. “And to not even overthink the project. Most of my albums, I’m stuck on it for a long, long time. This one I was just like, ‘Yo, I feel free. Let’s put it out.’”

With this in mind, after listening to the album I believe that he brought his vision to life of dropping a creatively free and fun album to wrap up 2018. It will definitely be in my daily rotation through the new year!

Click this link to listen, download and buy ‘LoVE me NOw’.

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