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A Trip Through the Radio Galaxy

The musical group, Radio Galaxy has four members. Spacebunny Jefferson, King Midas, DJ Cozmos, and #NOCATCHPHRAZE. They came together in Houston, Texas circa 2011 under the label Rappers I Know (RIK). Space Galaxy released their first album Welcome In Peace in 2011 and then Daaarkness Everybody… two years later.

Their latest album, Nobody Digs Your Music But Yourself is truly inspired. Every song has a completely different vibe. Spacebunny’s sharp rhymes and her beautiful singing voice rings true over clean beats. The album is a colorful rollercoaster ride of ever-changing rhythms with the occasional zany but well-produced advertisement. It’s a very original project with a lot of different sounds, instruments, and genres, from soulful R&B to psychedelic funk. “Space Whips” gives me a futuristic layered vocal effect that really speaks to me, and “Minnetoka” has a fun retro feel that I love.

Their next album has a release date for next month and we here are 5/Fifths are laying in wait. In the meantime, enjoy this Radio Galaxy music video for their song “The Falcon.”

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